Wednesday, April 25, 2012

This week is kinda sucking, gotta say

I'm so over this week and it's only halfway through.  

It started off okay until yesterday.  I got the daughter up 15 minutes early and guess what?  She missed the freaking bus.  I was so mad, livid is a good word to use to describe how pissed off I was.  I think it was the fact that I got her up EARLY and she still piddled around.  I kept telling her to hurry up and counting down til the bus came.  We were so close.  All she had to do was slide on her shoes and run out the front door and she would have made it.  Unfortunately, she did not put her shoes away the night before and I hadn't been home at the time to look where she had thrown them.  So, as a result, an extra minute was spent hunting up shoes.  I found a pair of black mary janes in the kitchen and tossed them at her telling her to hurry.  Just then, I heard the distinctive roar of the engine coming up the hill.  Too late.

To say she got an earful is an understatement.  

Then, this morning I again got her up 15 minutes early.  She takes a shower in the am because otherwise her hair is crazy and she wants to be Ms. Independent and brush it herself.  If she does that she often goes to school looking like a lost child with bushy hair.  Anyway, got her up, went in to start the shower.  Realized then that the little screw that makes it go from coming out the spout to coming out the shower head had broken.  This wasted precious minutes.  Finally after trying with no luck for about 5 minutes she went and took a shower in the other bathroom.

She still barely made it on the bus.  I got her out there at 7:47 and the bus comes at 7:50.  I shut the door behind her and breathed a sigh of relief until I heard her at the door.  "Mom, where's my gloves?  My hands are cold"

Shit.  she usually has a pair in her backpack but she must have chucked those somewhere too.  I opened the door and threw her thicker coat at her with pockets (she was wearing a rain coat because it's supposed to rain all day).  

"RUUUUUNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!"  I bellowed at her, and just then the bus made the corner.  She took off and BARELY made it.  

I need a drink, and i'm not even a drinker.

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