Saturday, April 7, 2012

One week down

I feel like I should be missing him more than I do. And I DO miss him, but it's also relaxing having him gone. I don't wake up every morning and have to worry about him. It's also not much harder without him here. I take care of the kids and the cleaning, cooking, etc 90% of the time anyway so it's not a big change that way. I don't think the kids are that affected either. Our daughter brings him up and asks if he'll be home before summer. I don't think she quite understands the time concept. And our son? Well, he is unaffected. Should I be missing him more? I think it's probably mutual....he has only called I think 2 times this week and both were extremely short calls. Course, to be fair, I never got phone calls from him when he was deployed either. He had said it was too difficult to call and hear us. Whether this is still the reason, I don't know. This next week is spring break for the munchkin. I'm trying to think of things to do so she doesn't drive me batty being home all week. Of course the weather is looking like crap, highs of mid 40's. Yuck! We are supposed to go to the zoo on Thursday and I'm meeting a few moms there so cross your fingers it's decent. Nothing like schlepping around in the rain at a zoo to make you miserable! So there ya go, we are still here. Week 1 of hubby in residential and we're doing alright

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