Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Missing mail

My husband has an annoying habit of losing things. Case in point, the mail.

I try to beat him to the mailbox every day to secure it before he gets there because if he gets to it first, I may never see it. Once in his grasp, the mail tends to disappear to places such as:

- the car.
He has a habit of putting it in his car and then never bringing it in. Eventually it gets banished to the back seat, ne'er to see the light of day again.

- the garage.
An extension of his car. I've found mail 6 months old laying on the counters out there or in piles on the fridge in the garage.

- the bathroom
What is it with men needing to read on the toilet?

I've asked him not to leave it places, begged him to let me get the mail but it all falls in deaf ears. So, instead I end up on a scavenger hunt to find mail. The worst part is when I'm missing mail I don't even know I'm missing.

I was accepted into the caregiver program but hadn't received any info about the pay schedule. I had tried to email and call my coordinator but he seems to be MIA at the moment. My hubby has been pestering me to get this info

Then today when I talked to him on the phone and told him still nothing came about it he nonchalantly says, "something came to us a few days ago about it. I forget where I put it"


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