Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Ok, I am stressed.

I've tried hard to keep up a good front the last few weeks.  I've tried to be optimistic about the treatment Hubs is getting at the VA.  I spun it into a good thing.....How with him being gone for 6 weeks I will have peace and quiet and be able to run the ship my way.  

It's starting to get to me.  It just seems like there's always something.  When he's home I feel like we spend a good majority of the time doing nothing in particular.  No commitments, we just go with the flow.  Well, since he's been gone, I feel like all I've done is run here and run there and put out one fire after another.  It's not that it's been's just been never-ending.  

The last few days have been especially stressful.  Our daughter started soccer, which I love, but that means taking her to practice and a game 2x a week.  It's been cold and overcast the last two times, and it wouldn't be a big deal, but without Hubs, I have to take the baby and it's freezing out.  Today it's supposed to be rainy and the high is only supposed to be 40 degrees, so I am secretly hoping that her practice gets canceled.

There was also the bunny situation.  Having to coordinate having someone come over and watch the kids so I could take her to the humane society wasn't a big deal, but ever since our daughter has been crying for her rabbit back.  The rabbit she never paid any attention to she now wants back.  That's not happening, but listening to her cry and whine about it is taxing.

She also had another episode of wetting the bed and the baby boy is teething.  Yesterday he had massive diahrea.  I hope it's teething anyway, and not the flu.  And now this morning, the bathtub faucet broke.

It is small stuff, but it's adding up.  Plus, I don't feel like Hubs is supporting me at all.  When he was home this past weekend, I told him I really wanted to talk to him on the phone while he's gone.  He told me he's tired at the end of the day but dammit, so am I!!  I thought after our conversation that the communication would be better.  Instead, I've heard nothing since he left except a text Monday to tell me he didn't want to come home this weekend but he wanted me to schlep the kids down there so we could do something close by down there.

I'm doing the best I can, but damn, this shit's getting old.  All I want to do is crawl into bed and pull the covers over my head and not have to deal with the world.  But, I can't do that.  My kids rely on me and my dog and cat would kill each other without my supervision.

But really, this sucks.

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  1. Just breathe...... and then drink a bottle of wine. If I were close, I'd bring a few over and help you!