Saturday, April 21, 2012

soccer mom

I am now a soccer mom.

Growing up, in my tiny little town, soccer was not one of the choices of rec sports.  Pretty much, when I was her age, the choice was T-ball or nothing.  I did try T-ball.  My dad loves baseball and played it all the way through school so it was in my genes.


I stunk at it.  I did manage to make it through T-ball to Coach pitch softball.  Yes, the coach is the one that throws the softball to the players. Anyway, I remember standing behind the coach so I couldn't see the ball.  Yes, stupid on my part.  Well, the girl at bat nailed that ball, the coach jumped out of the way and I got bashed in the chin by the softball.  I remember my dad coming and carrying me off the field.  That was the end of sports for me.

Our daughter tried T-ball too.  I felt it was kind of a right of passage in youth.  After all, baseball is America's pastime.  Well, she liked it about as well as I did.  After last season I told her she didn't have to play it anymore, she had tried.  Which brought the question of what now?  Even though I was not sporty at all, I value what sports can do for a kid.  Boost the confidence, great exercise, team socializing, etc.  So, i was happy that she kept going back to wanting to try soccer.

This was her first week.  Practice on Wednesday was brutal.  Some of these kids have been playing since the womb, I think.  You could tell there were some very serious players out there.  Out daughter has no experience with soccer except for what she has done in PE class.  She was so excited though!  She chased that ball and did all the warmups and stuff.  The last half of practice they had a little mini scrimmage.  She did pretty good.  Afterwards she fell down, exhausted, onto the grass.  "I am so exhausted and hot, but that was so. much. fun!"

Last night was her first game.  Her dad was in a snit about something and I told him if he was going to be a turd, don't even bother coming home for the weekend.  I didn't want to sour her first experience.  But, he came and was decent.  It was frickin freezing out.  The in-laws drove up to watch and my mother-in-law ended up staying in the car with the baby because she was cold.  Our kid got nailed in the face with a soccer ball before the game even started.  I blame the coach.  He had them doing drills to kick the ball into the net, and she was getting her ball after kicking it and some kid kicked it and she got it right in the face.  I was afraid her nose had broke.  It didn't help that with the cold, things hurt more.  But, no blood, no broken teeth and her nose wasn't broke so back in she went!  She was a little skittish the game and didnt want to get too close to the ball after getting hit like that.  But, I think she is a natural!

So there ya go, I'm a soccer mom.  I just need the minivan to go with it.  Oh wait, no minivan.  Not quite ready for that!

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  1. I cant wait to be a sports Mom... Unless that means I have to get up super early every weekend.