Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My addiction

I've run into my first dilemma with having Hubs gone on his 6 week stay.  It happened last night after we got home from taking daughter to the doctor for a med check.  I walked over to the fridge, opened it up and.....

An empty box of Pepsi greeted me.

If you know me, you know I have this slight addiction with soda pop.  Specifically,  Pepsi although Coke will do if Pepsi is not a choice.  I love the stuff.  I specifically love it in a glass with a lot of ice or, even better, from the fountain machine at the local BP.  Mmmmm, yum.  Anyway, I thought I had one more can in there, but I didn't and all of a sudden i NEEDED a Pepsi.

Usually if Hubs were home I could convince him to run to the corner store and get a fountain pop for me. But, he isn't here and I was stuck considering what to do.  Back when we just had our daughter and Hubs was deployed at the time or stuck in Germany, it wasn't unusual for me to bundle up my infant and make a dash to the nearest Steak-N-Shake for a vanilla Pepsi.    She was up anyway, and she'd usually fall asleep in the carseat in the car on the way there and back.  It was a win-win for both of us.  Sleepy baby and a pop for mommy.

Nowadays, it's a little more effort to do that.  Now I have a six year old and a baby to haul off in the night.  Even if the baby's awake, the girl is not and there's no way I'd wake her up to haul her off to get myself a drink.  Even if I think about it before she's asleep I usually try not to take them out at night.  Plus, even if I do, she somehow thinks that if mommy gets a pop she gets something too.  Then of course there's the screaming and crying and the demands of "no fair" if she doesn't get one.

Anyway, I'm without pop this morning.  I woke up with a headache and I know it's from the lack of caffeine in my system.  I know I should be concerned, that I'm addicted and I should wean myself away from it but really.....I don't want to.  I have two Pepsi's a day.  One in the morning to get me going and another after the kiddos are asleep in bed while I'm sitting there watching TV.  I'm already planning my trip to go get one.  I really want to go run to the grocery store and get a case of it, but today it's freaking cold outside and I really don't want to have to haul the kids out in the cold.  So that leaves driving through somewhere, which will solve my immediate problem but leave me with another come tonight or tomorrow morning when I'm without again.

Sad, I know.....but we all have our vices and Pepsi is mine!

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