Monday, April 16, 2012

Clogged - a tale of poo

I knew today might bea tad rough. It's the first day back for our daughter after Spring break and Hubs is back in his unit so I knew this morning might be a little....challenging. Well, it was. On top of the usual Monday morning craziness, the toilet got clogged. No big deal, right? Wrong. That incident ended up taking an entire morning to fix.

 Once I got her on the bus I grabbed our plunger and tried again to break it up. Honestly, I don't know how it got clogged. Maybe TMI, but it wasn't a bad bowel movement and minimal TP was used. I feel the need to put that tidbit of info in because maybe some of you are wondering the same thing my husband was when I called him to complain: "what did you do to clog it so bad". The answer is nothing. I did nothing to clog it so it shouldn't have been an issue. Our plunger was worthless. After about 20 minutes of trying to use it, I gave up. I took a shower and headed off to Walmart. I wanted a heavy duty plunger. All they had were the crappy plungers I already had and this:

I didn't think it looked like much but it was all they had so I took it.  After hauling the baby back into the car (in the rain, no less!) and driving home, I was more than ready to get this thing cleaned out and get on with my day.  I took that brand new plunger luck.  It went down a little but not much.  

I was getting pissy.  I had had plans today and running around town getting devices to unclog my toilet was not on the list.  But, leaving it grossed me out so I ran back out, this time to Ace Hardware, and got another, different plunger.  This one was top of the line, but it still looked eerily familiar to my original plunger.  Only this one was black and bigger.  On a whim, I also grabbed some drainer that was "guaranteed" to unclog toilets in 15 minutes.  Plus, it was made in America.  How could I go wrong??

By this time my baby was getting cranky, I was hungry myself, and I desperately needed a Pepsi.  I stuck a Nuk in his mouth to satisfy him for a few minutes and tried the new plunger.  Still nothing!  What the hell???  So i decided to try the drainer.  It was labeled caustic and had a warning to use gloves.  Did I have gloves?  Nope.   I had images of having butterfingers and dropping the stupid bottle and giving myself 3rd degree burns.  I carefully poured some in and let it sit the 15 minutes.  While it was doing it's magic, I fed the baby and got him back to bed for his nap. (yes, that much time had passed already).

The directions told me to flush after the 15 minutes but when I did what little the water had lowered filled right back up to the brim again.  I tried one more time, same results.

By this time I was starting to panic.  I really did not have it in the budget to get a plumber.  My neighbor happens to be a plumber, but he wasn't home.  So, I called my daddy.  He said he had a snake and would come over after work.  "You sure it's not a toy or something?"

Oooh, i sure hope not.  

While waiting I kept trying with the plunger.  I plunged for literally, hours.  My hands got red and hurt. Finally I tried again with that one from Walmart and....


Hallelujah, praise God.  I have never been that happy to hear a toilet whoosh.  I even flushed 3 more times after that just to make sure it wasn't some fluke.  I hurried and texted my dad who congratulated me on doing it by myself and being independent.  Yeah, that's right, who needs a man?  Not me! (Although, if i'd had one, this could have ended a lot sooner, what with their brute strength and all).

So there ya have it.  Ace eat your heart out.  My little plastic, cheap looking plunger from Walmart worked.  I unclogged the toilet and it only took......5 hours.


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