Sunday, April 15, 2012

Highs and lows - week in review

I've thought a lot about what exactly to blog about tonight. This week has had some incredible news, both good and bad. There's been highs and lows and I was thinking about which to focus on. Then, I decided I could write a blog on it all because isn't that what life is? A mish-mash of highs and lows? So, here ya go: The highs of course, dealt with Hubs. He had a great week in his residential PTSD unit. After discussing a particularly nasty trauma in group, the feedback from other veterans helped him to realize some things and he reached some peace with that trauma. I was ecstatic. He came home Friday night for the weekend. I was a bit nervous because I wasn't sure how he'd be. Turns out, we had a nice weekend together. Friday night we went to a surprise birthday party for my soon-to-be brother-in-law. Hubs generally hates parties and I wasn't too sure that he'd go. He did end up going, however, and *gasp* had a decent time! He was actually pleasant all weekend. The lows of the week were tragic. Monday morning the sister of one of Hubs friends was killed by a drunk driver. Then Tuesday night the brother of a high school classmate passed away from cancer. Both of them left a spouse and young children. My heart breaks for all of them and I can't stop thinking about the families and how while my family has experienced triumphs this week, others have experienced tragedy. Just a reminder to myself and anyone reading this, that you never know what someone is going through at a particular moment and we all just need to be kind to one another.

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