Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cable Company can kiss my ass

I hate my cable company.  Their stupid cable box goes out every whip-stitch leaving me staring at a dark screen.  There's other things I don't like about them, but that is the major issue that caused us to look elsewhere.  We recently decided to go with Uverse, which is ironic considering my husband couldn't wait to get away from AT&T's wireless service.

We got Uverse hooked up, and the next day took back all our equipment to the cable company.  It was easy easy, and the lady even said we'd get a refund of about 100 bucks.  Whoo hoo!  Well today we got a bill from the cable company in the mail saying that a credit of 99.00 had been applied to our account and that our total now is 31 dollars for the remainder.

What. The. Hell.

Hubby paid it online but he said he thought that they had got it wrong.  I ended up calling them and explaining the situation.  We ended services on the 20th but we were charged for service until the 11 of April.  We didn't have service from that time frame so how could we owe for it?  Evidently they charge for the entire billing cycle which is the 12th of the month through the 11th and if you cancel in the middle you still pay the entire amount in the cycle.

What crappy service is that?  We pay cable for almost 3 weeks when we didnt even have it hooked up anymore?  I told the guy this was another reason I'm glad we've kicked them to the cub and that their company is garbage.

"have a nice day, ma'am"

Nice day my ass.  UG!!!

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