Monday, April 23, 2012

Paging Jimmy Buffett

I came to the realization the other night that I'm a bit of a fuddy-duddy.

When the hell did this happen?  I've always been a bit reserved and's just my personality.  However, I did like to have a good time and I think I was fun to be around.

The other night I was driving home in my new car and realized my husband had left it on Sirius radio.  The station was Margaritaville.  I started singing along with the song and soon the moonroof came up and I was flat out jamming.  All too soon, I was home and I hurried and got inside the house to take over the parenting duties before Hubs got stressed.

I started thinking.....I need more Jimmy Buffett -Margaritaville moments in my life.  Life is serious too often and Lord knows, I've got a lot on my plate.  But I need to remember to embrace my inner Jimmy and learn to kick back, put my feet up and remember to smell the coconut rum.

I'm not sure how I'm going to do this because I tend to be very serious.  I am the one that's in charge of the kids, making sure everyone gets to where they need to be at the right time.  I'm the driver, the cook, the maid, the executive, the therapist, the repairman, the doctor, all rolled into one.  It's overwhelming sometimes.  However, this is going to be my new goal.  

If anyone has any ideas or anything that helps them rewind and de-stress, please leave a comment!

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