Monday, September 3, 2012

iPad goes splat

Well.....we don't have an iPad anymore.   My daughter was obsessed with it, spending all her time on it playing silly, stupid apps.  Hubs and I monitored her usage and we would put it up high but the little stinker would climb up and get it down.  In my defense, originally she was only to play educational games on it.  

Well, over the past 2 days she went on an app marathon totaling up.....get ready..........over $1000 in charges for apps such as "gems", "pet world" and "garden".    Yes....over a grand on these things.  We're not even sure how the hell she did that.  Hubs caught it at first and took the code off the credit card and contacted Apple who agreed to take off $450 of the original $500 purchases she made.   We had a long talk with her and thought all was good.  Nope.  She got ahold of it again and purchased $600 in apps.  The apps she purchased, many were $50 apps so it escalated quickly.  I don't know how she did it because the security code was off the credit card.  Between you and me, I don't know why he didn't take the ENTIRE credit card info off....but it's sometimes hard to rationalize his thinking.  So, Hubs cannot call Apple back and say "oopsie, please refund these charges too!"   So, our darling daughter is in the dog house and we are stuck paying all that money.    When Hubs found out about the second time, he went bezerk and ended up smashing the iPad to smithereens on the floor.  Yeah.....mature, right?  Once again, he said he "saw red" and his thinking was that if he destroyed the iPad then there would be no way she could do it again.     Ahhhh, PTSD strikes again.   Act first, think later......

Soooo, now we are without an iPad.  The only real bummer (besides the fact that iPads are expensive and that was a dumb thing to do) is that I used the Kindle app a lot on there and ALL my books were on that thing.  I don't want another iPad, our daughter is obviously addicted to technology and even without the credit card info on there at all, I'm over it.....the only time she is using a computer now is at school or when she's older to write reports!  However, I do miss reading my books on the Kindle app.  My birthday is in a few months, Hubs talked last night about getting me a new Kindle or a Nook from Barnes and Noble.  That might be nice.   Does anyone have either of those?  Which do you prefer?

As for our daughter, she is learning the lesson of a dollar.  No NOTHING for a long, long time.  Yikes!

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