Wednesday, September 5, 2012

School, stress, and bank accounts

Yeseterday was the first day of school for kids here in Wisconsin.  Some people out of state are amazed that our kids start so late.  I personally like the late start.  Summer officially ends with Labor Day so it's nice to go back after that last hurrah to summer.  I will admit, however, that come the end of May, beginning of June when i start reading Facebook statuses about last days of school and my kids still have 3 weeks to go:  Then I get a little jealous and woe the late start.  However, in reality, I live in the upper midwest and it doesn't even get really hot until July so why not stay in school and start later in the fall.

Anyway, yesterday was the first day of first grade for my Munchkin and the first day of a new job for me.  I was a little stressed getting her up, lunch in the backpack and out the door.  I go to work around lunchtime so it would have been nice to clean up the house a bit, or have a few minutes of peace and quiet with my cup o' joe.  However, as soon as the bus pulled away I had another stressor to deal with.  I had to go to the bank.

My mother in law had been Hubby's Representative Payee for his social security.  One day she called me up and said she didn't want to do it anymore.  No big deal.  We went to Social Security and switched it over to me.  All I had left to do was go to the bank and open the checking account for him.  My mother in law told Hubs all she needed was the Social Security check.   Not so, Not so.

I went to the bank and first of all, the twat lady didn't know what the hell I was talking about.  

"It's like a custodial account, for my husband"

"We only do custodial accounts til age 18"

"I just need an account he isn't on"

"So a joint account"

This is when I started mentally hitting my head on the wall.  THe lady was clueless.  Then she told me she needed court papers documenting this.  What?  I left and phoned the Hubs to tell him the bad news.  Wow.  He did not take it well.  He yelled.  A lot.   When I got home he was surprised I was quiet and upset.   I explained that it wasn't my fault and I'm tired of being his verbal punching bag. 

Long story short, I had a good cry on his shoulder and went back that afternoon with the paperwork I needed from Social Security.  A sarcastic thanks a lot to my MIL for not telling me everything I needed.  The lady still didn't have a clue and I'm a little doubtful that my checks will come out the right way, but we'll see.  Something tells me I should start shopping around for a better bank. 

The rest of the day was good, thank goodness.  Munchkin enjoyed her first day of 1st Grade.  I saw her in the hall, talking a way in line.  She didn't see me though.  I enjoyed my first day.  I spend the first two hours with kindergarten working with some students with pretty severe needs.  Holy cow, they tired me out both mentally and physically.  The last two hours I go to the upper elementary grades to help another student 1:1.  That was nice.  I bet there will be some days with that student but yesterday was easy peasy.

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