Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Avery Lynn Canahuati

  Just the other day I heard of the little girl whose parents started a blog for their daughter after discovering that she had a fatal genetic disease.  Her dad started a Bucket List for his daughter and the blog was a way to raise awareness of the disease and to cross off things on her bucket list.

Avery Canahuati was born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy or SMA.  It is incurable.  She was 6 months old and the doctors gave her about 18 months to live.  Sadly, she passed away April 30th from complications due to SMA.  One of her lungs collapsed and she went into cardiac arrest.  Her dad was able to start CPR and revive her, but she passed away later at the hospital.

Her parents sound like wonderful people.  Her dad started the blog just a few weeks ago, and at the end of each post would cross off things they had done on her Bucket List.  One of the things left on the list is to raise awareness of this horrible disease.  If you go to Avery's website, there's a link to research to help babies with this disease.

I cried last night when I read the blog.  I cried for the beautiful baby girl who was always smiling in the pictures.  In fact, her dad was afraid that eventually SMA would take away her ability to smile.  The last picture they have of her was taken only 15-20 minutes before her lung collapsed, and in that picture, she is smiling.

Please take a minute and go to Avery's blog.  Please...

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