Monday, May 7, 2012

Dumb ass fiance

There's been family drama over here.  Two days ago I got an hysterical phone call from my baby sister and before she even told me the words, my heart sunk and I knew, without her saying, what would cause that kind of hysterical sobbing.  You see, my sister is due to get married in.....5 months.  Her fiance came home that day and told her he didn't know if he loved her enough to get married.


He then left to go to church to "pray".  This, coming from the boy who has been to church like 3 times in the 2 years they've been together.  Anyway, she went to mom and dad's and I drove over to comfort her.  I won't get into all of the supposed reasons, but they've been happy, no signs and out of the blue he throws this at her?  He didn't contact her the rest of that day and then yesterday he hadn't either.  Finally, at around 4pm mom drove her over to their house so she could get some clothes.  He was actually there and they chatted for a few minutes.  My sister said he was very cold to her and she asked him if he even cared, if this was bothering him and he said "no".    He then left to go to his mommy's house for his sunday dinner he goes to every sunday.

I am so unbelievably pissed off right now.  My entire family is so mad.  My husband was home when I got the call from her and he wanted to go over and get her so she wouldn't drive, but she did anyway.  Now he wants to go over with my dad and have a discussion with him.  I advised probably not the best idea there, although I'd love to see him get put in his place.  No one messes with my sister.

I don't know how they're going to resolve this.  He doesn't seem that bothered by it, and yet, he still doesn't know if he loves her.  Why the hell did he not think about this before they got engaged?  He is very analytical and we're not sure if he's talking himself out of this or what.

My sister is a freaking mess.  Although, last night she was talking about getting an apartment and moving on.  I don't think she'll be the one to call it off....she'll wait for him to say the words.  I don't really know if they can repair their relationship now.  It doesn't seem like he's even interested in trying.  This is crazy.  He was the one that my parents loved, that treated her so good, that made a perfect pair with her.  Now...I think he's a jackass.  Even if by some reason they manage to patch things up, I will never think of him the same way again.  None of us will.

Ug, I want to kick him in the ass.

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