Sunday, May 13, 2012

Moving on out, -- helping the sis

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!

My mother's day weekend has been busy so far.  Yesterday was the official "move out" day for my sister.  She waited until the last minute to call, but she did manage to get a moving company to come get her stuff.  But, they didn't do any packing so bright and early Mom, Dad, and I went with her to his house to pack up all her stuff.  Wow, she has a lot.  In fact, his house is looking pretty bare without all her things in it.  He had told her once that her and her stuff had made his house a home.  Well, now it's back to being a house.  A very blah, sterile house.  

I refrained from "accidentally" bashing in his wall while moving objects.  I didn't abscond with any of his things (who would want them, really?).  I just wanted to get her packed, loaded up, and out of there.  My parents were champs.  They are definitely NOT spring chickens and there they were, knee-deep in boxes and bubble tape, wrapping up all her things.

She's all settled in now, at my parents house.  Their basement is full of her things.  Things that, I hope, will be out of there fairly soon.  I think her plan is to live with my parents for a little while and save up.  I hope she buys a condo or a townhouse when she does end up moving back out.  No more moving in with boys!  UG!  When she finds her true someone, he can move in with her!

All she has left to do is return his keys and his garage door opener.  I hope she just drops them off in his mailbox or something, or mails them to him.  She doesn't need to see him again.  I believe my dad suggested that HE might just have to drop by and return them.  I'd love to be a fly on the wall for that conversation!!

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