Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fiance no more

The douchebag that was to be my brother-in-law finally called my sister Monday night to tell her.  Yes, you read that right....2 1/2 years together, engaged and living together and he broke up with her over the phone.

It has been really hard on all of us, especially mom, dad, and myself.  Probably because we're here to see her go through this in person.  I know Dad wants to go kill him and my Hubs would love to hurt him really bad for hurting his sister in law.  All I can think of is "coward".  What a coward he is.  Evidently when he told her, he told her that he'd thought that he had loved her, but he never really did, that he was just comfortable.  Seriously?  Can you stick the knife in a little more.  Ending an engagement/relationship is so hard, why add more unnecessary suffering to it?

She hasn't been at work all week.  Yesterday she went and got her paycheck changed so it wouldn't go into their joint account and she told her coworkers.  Then her and mom went to their house to get her cats and some of her toiletries.  Mom said it was awful, that she just froze in the doorway and then started bawling.  Mom had to pretty much pack up everything they took because she couldn't.

People know now.  Like I said, she told her coworkers and now all the bridesmaids know.  She had one of them go ahead and tell the rest of their friends from high school...I'm sure the word will continue to spread.

I'm so unbelievably pissed right now.  I get that sometimes people change their minds....that happens I guess.  That would have been hard enough, but the manner in which he did this is just unbelievable.  How he came home that Saturday and told her he might not want to get married, how he then did not contact her for two days while she was staying with my parents, not even to ask how she was doing.  Then, to freaking break it off without giving her the courtesy of doing it in person?  Wow.  My sister said not once did he even say he was sorry.

I think I know that she will come out on top, that she dodged a bullet with this one and someday she will be thanking the Heavens that she did not end up with this sack of spineless shit.  However, in the short term and for awhile to go, she is going to be hurting badly.


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