Thursday, March 8, 2012

off the meat wagon

The last few days have been really stressful.  We had all that drama with the psycho troop leader and then Hubs and I had an argument.  And that was just through Tuesday!   But, the drama and stress was not done yet!

Yesterday Hubs left to go get more work on his tattoo sleeve (I hate tats, but what can ya do?).  Our daughter wasn't home yet and it was just me, the baby, and our dog.  It was pretty nice out, and I decided to walk the dog across the road to get the mail.  I went there, realized Hubs had already got it, and walked back.  I went back in the house and put the dog back in her crate so I could concentrate on the baby.  Not even 30 seconds after I put her in the crate the doorbell rang.

I really thought about not answering it, but I wondered if it was the neighbor.  If only I had not answered!  Oye!  At the door was a guy.  He was one of those dudes that drives a meat truck around.  Yes, a meat truck.  I know what you're thinking: 


The guy explained that he had been in the neighborhood and was trying to sell the last bit in his truck so he could get home to his kids and take them to the park.  Again, had I really taken a step back I would have realized that this was no good and told him to buzz off.  However, I got sucked in.  The guy showed me the meat, explained how great a deal it was, and how he'd throw in a box of seafood.  

I tried to call the Hubs, but he had his phone off.  (Damn tattoo appointment, otherwise he would have been there and this would have been avoided).  I knew that Hubs liked to grill out, and it was nice out, and I felt bad for the guy who just wanted to get home to his kids.  Sooooo, I fell for it.

I bought two cases for $400.00.   I hauled it in and really, even before the truck was out of the drive I was second guessing myself.  What had I just done???  But, I thought that this would at least last us for months and month.  I tried to call Hubs several times and left both voicemails and text messages.  

Needless to say, it did not go over well.  Hubs was PISSED OFF.  Not only did he explain that I got ripped off, but he kept reminding me what he could have bought for that amount of money.  I felt bad enough, but with him harping about it all night long, I really felt like crap.  Worse, I looked up the company and it had super bad reviews and the Better Business Bureau even said it was out of business!  I was convinced I had just been swindled and I didn't even want to eat any of the meat anymore.  Who knew where it came from?

I was up all night worrying.  Hubs kept me up pretty much til 3 in the morning bitching to me about it.  Then he'd say, "it's not your fault" but then he would dive right back into what a crap deal it was.  

It was a long night.

This morning as soon as my kid was on the school bus I called the local number on the receipt.  I was so bummed out and pissed at myself.  As I dialed the number, I was more than half convinced that it would be disconnected or something.

However, I will say that the customer service was excellent.  A guy answered right away and I explained that my husband did not like the selection and we wanted to send it back.  No questions asked, he said he'd have Tom, the customer service rep call that afternoon and take care of me.  Tom ended up calling two hours later.  Turns out, he was going to be out our way within the hour and he'd pick up all the meat and seafood.


The guy did come (about 90 minutes later) and boxed up all the meat that I had had to unbox to fit in my freezer.    He handed Hubs our check and that was that.  

I have learned a valuable lesson.  Don't be so quick to trust someone.  Never make large purchases, even in good faith, without talking to your spouse, and, above all else....Don't buy meat off a truck!

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