Wednesday, March 14, 2012

2nd marriages after KIA

I was reading the latest entry on a blog I follow.  If you want a really good blog on military spouse-hood and the realities of being a military widow, I suggest reading it.  A Little Pink in a World of Camo is written by a lady whose husband passed away overseas.  It is touching, funny, thought-provoking and emotional all at the same time.  Anyway, the latest entry was about the anniversary of her husband's death.  It was pretty emotional to read, as she remembered the knock at the door and discussed that morning.

Rachel is dating again.  It sounds like she's doing well and has met a great guy.  After I read her blog, I started thinking and wondering about the boyfriends and spouses of widows.  These have to be special guys.  I think of a wonderful lady I know whose husband served with mine.  He passed away early on in the war and she was pregnant at the time with their third child.  His widow went on to marry again and they have a child of their own now, as well as the three from her first marriage.

Is it hard for these guys?  They wouldn't be together if war hadn't torn the first husband away.  I would think they'd have to be some of the most understanding, unselfish people on earth.  I know our friend, when Osama Bin Laden was killed she got pretty emotional and posted pictures on her facebook of her husband's gravesite.  How does the 2nd husband deal with that?   Was it hard to watch his wife cry about her first love?  Does he feel weird when her first husband's accomplishments are touted to their children?

Even boyfriends.....Is it difficult to date a widow?  Are they afraid they'll be compared to the first husband/boyfriend?

Just thinking out loud I guess.  And so grateful that there ARE so many men/women who can be that strong to marry the widow of a soldier.

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