Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Some people!

It may seem hard to believe, but I am not a confrontational person.  I am a pretty laid-back person, generally speaking, and I don't like drama unless it's on tv and I'm watching it on the couch in my sweats. However, drama seems to find me.  The latest drama involves my little girl and her girl scout leader.

This girl scout leader and I are in frequent contact because both our girls are in the same class and play together.  We get along, they get along.  I see her twice a month when I pick up the daughter from girl scouts.  In fact, a week ago this past Monday, I spent several hours with this lady picking up hundreds of girl scout cookies and sorting them for delivery.  Never once has she brought up any concerns about our girls.

So imagine my shock when I receive a nasty little email from her last night.  In it, she blasts my daughter for being mean to hers.  She also CC two other people, a mom I don't know and the teacher.  She then goes on to say that she has her daughter "M" there sitting next to her so she can help her remember all the wrongs my daughter has done.  Some examples are:

1.  M and a little boy were holding hands on the playground and my daughter evidently walked up behind them and "sliced" their hands apart.

Okay.....really?  That's what kids do.  

2.  M and my daughter were walking together and this little boy walked up behind them and my daughter told him it was girl time.

again, okay.....

3.  My daughter evidently sings songs at recess using the words poop and the dreaded "s" word.  No, not that word.......stupid.

This one, i totally see.  She has been caught at home singing about poop.  Not sure why, but this seems like tattling to me.  And the "s" word????  I was concerned til I saw it was S for stupid.

She also said in the email that my daughter is a liar.  That really pissed me off.  First of all, she's not and second, why are you telling this in an email to other people?  What the hell?  Her example of my daughter's lying though is somewhat comical:

"At the valentine's day party, M came up to me and told me she had won bingo twice.  Your daughter then came running up and said that she had won 4 times"

Maybe she did bitch.  

I was so livid.  I ended up contacting the classroom teacher and the teacher said she didn't see these behaviors and she was aware that this little boy and M do tend to leave people out.  I replied back to the girl scout leader mom, letting her know that, and that I wish she had just come to me instead of emailing people.  There's an event next weekend and my daughter was going to ride with  M and her mom.  At the end of the email, I said we would make sure she got there and she wouldn't need a ride anymore.  Well, psycho-mom replies back that I was attacking her parenting and calling her irresponsible and that maybe I should look for a different troop for my daughter.

I tried calling her, but she wouldn't answer.  yeah, it's really easy to shoot off emails attacking people but you can't pick up a phone and talk about it, can ya?  Anyway, I emailed her back and let her know that if she was going to treat my daughter differently then yes, she would be moved.  And that I was not attacking her parenting style at all.

She replied back one more time.....stating that she would never treat my daughter differently and she only suggested that because I seemed to be questioning her ability.

She never once acknowledged the fact that her daughter is also part of the problem.  She also never apologized for emailing or involving others.  In fact, she told me she was glad I had talked to the teacher and "got it all sorted out".  Yeah, i sorted out the fact that your daughter is a whiney wuss who runs home to mommy and that you're an overprotective witch of a woman who doesn't understand 6 year olds.

I find it almost comical now, how idiotic this lady is.  I've decided to let it go.  I have vented to several people and I've talked about it to a friend of mine whose daughter is in a troop in the neighboring town.  If my daughter starts coming home complaining about the leader at girl scouts, then shit will hit the fan. I've decided to keep her in because the lady does do an awful lot with the troop and finds awesome things for them to do, and there are several girls from my daughter's class in the troop.

I just don't get it.  Some people have no clue how to tactfully bring up something.  She went about it all wrong and in the end, it helped no one.  All she accomplished was making me upset, making herself look like a fool, and letting her classroom teacher in on what kind of person she really is.

One word for this lady.  Whack-a-doo

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  1. I will take PTST & TBI over a psycho, overprotective mom ANY DAY.