Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dog therapy

Last week we welcomed a new member to our family.  A furry member.

We got a dog.  Between the cat, the rabbit and now the dog, I'm starting to feel like I am running a petting zoo.  The cat was all me...I'd always wanted a cat and Hubs gave in to my whining begging request.  He isn't a big cat fan, but he tolerates her.  Shortly after we got the cat, darling daughter went next door to play with a neighbor's kid and came home begging for a guinea pig like the neighbor had.  I stood firm and said heck no.  Unfortunately, she got ahold of her dad and she has him wrapped around her finger.  Next thing I knew, we had a rabbit. (The pet store clerk said a rabbit was a better pet.  I'm not least the rabbit doesn't look like a rat with no tail.)

So, that brings us to the dog.  I admit, it was all me.  What can I say, maybe I'm a glutton for punishment. We had a dog, a very nice Border Collie that was a service dog for Hubs.  This dog was house trained, and very smart.  However, Border Collie's need to be worked, they need a job.  For awhile being the service dog was working out great.  Unfortunately, Hubs took him with him to the VA one day and the police there detained him.  That was the end of that.  He was so embarrassed.  The stupid cops dont know the laws I guess and they did get reprimanded, but the damage was done.  Hubs no longer felt safe taking the dog anywhere and the dog got very, very bored.  A bored service dog = depressed service dog that starts acting up.  We did what was best and we gave him back to the lady we got him from where, I hear, he is very happy training other dogs to be service dogs.

After we sent back that dog, we vowed no more dogs.  However, my husband LOVES dogs and he has been so down lately and had been talking about having a dog again.  Well, this opportunity came up and we got a dog.  A puppy.  A bulldog puppy.  

We picked her up last Thursday, the night before we heard the terrible news about his friend who passed away.  Friday on has been pretty tough, but actually, I think it's been good to have Lola around.  The puppy has helped distract him and keep him busy.  Plus, she's been so affectionate, and loving.  Just what he needed.   She's also been decent about not going in the house.  Of course, now that I say that, she'll probably take a dump here on the carpet, but hopefully not!

We are done with animals though.  No more critters or I'm going to have to start charging an entrance fee and bringing local children through to pet the animals.

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