Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Well hello, TBI.

In addition to severe PTSD, Hubs also has a brain injury.  It's annoying.  He'll lose his keys, forget entire conversations we've had, and lose his cell phone.  He'll lose something, for instance, and then freak out and have a temper tantrum because he can't find it.  For example, currently his cell phone is lost.  He misplaces it all the time.  Problem is, he keeps a lot of his appointments in his phone.  He has an appointment today with his psychologist and he doesn't know what time it is and so he says he won't go.  Never mind using my cell phone to call.  Never mind putting it on the calendar thats on the fridge so I know too.  Noooo, that would make too much sense.

Course, he says he isn't going to go anyway.  I can't stand that.  He doesn't have a job, his job right now is to go to appointments and get his therapy.  His job is not to sit on the couch all day and night and crawl deeper into the pit of depression.  I want to shake the shit out of him so badly.  

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