Sunday, February 26, 2012

Discovery World

  There are good days and bad.....for both of us.  My last post was a bit of a meltdown.  However, meltdowns are good.  You can't keep it bottled in or you explode.  And so, I blog.

Today we decided that we needed to do something as a family.  The stress of the past week and the emotional toll it had taken on the whole family was showing.  We needed to reconnect with each other and our children.  So, this afternoon, we went to Discovery World.

Discovery World is this little....well, discovery center.  It's on the banks of Lake Michigan and it has several exhibits.  We had never been before, but I had heard of it, and looking at it's website, it sounded kind of neat.  I will say that it's not a place I'll go to often, but it had a few neat things.  One of my favorite features was a little aquarium at one end.  You take an elevator down to the ground floor and there's little tanks set up around you.  Then, you turn the corner and this is what you see:

It was so cool to walk through the tunnel with fish all around, below and above you.  Our daughter LOVED it.  She kept staring at her feet and watching the fish swim by and then she'd call me over to look at some other fish she'd spy above her.  I really want to take her to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago because I think she'd really enjoy that place.  We have taken her before, but she was younger and doesn't remember much of it.

There were some other exhibits she liked:  a large ship she crawled around in, a bed of nails she got to lay on, and a large section of gears she got to mess with to make things move.  There was also an exhibit for the Hubs.  That's how I got him motivated to entire exhibit of Les Paul guitar stuff.  Over all, fun times.  There were some exhibits closed which bummed me out, but not a bad place to spend a few hours on a Sunday.

One thing I've learned is to embrace the happy.  The moments we can just be as a family and enjoy our time together, I suck all that in and hold onto it as much as possible.  Tomorrow might suck, but for today, happiness.


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