Sunday, August 12, 2012

the picnic in the park

Today was a good day.

Hubs got up before 10.  He actually went outside and emptied our pool, hosed it out, and then went around and sprayed the hornets nests that have been accumulating around her house.  He told me he wanted to do something as a family today.  I was surprised but I went with it.  

He wanted to go grocery shopping (on a Saturday?  with both kids???), and our daughter wanted to buy a pet snake.  Yuck, yuck, YUCKY!  We did go to the petstore to look at them.  She held a little snake and I was shocked that my little girly-girl liked snakes.  I couldn't get past the whole live mice as food thing.  We left without anything, thank goodness.

We were about to go home and I said it would be nice to go to the park.  Hubs hates the park.  However, he said he'd take us.  On the way, he actually had a nice suggestion.  How about we drive through the sub shop drive-thru and get some subs and drinks and have a picnic at the park?  I was flabbergasted.  I couldn't believe that those words came out of his mouth.  I went with it though!

Something so simple:  Eating subs at the park on a picnic bench and then pushing my baby boy on the swing and helping my little girl with the monkey bars.  Hubs did spend a little time isolating on the bench messing with his phone, but he took a turn pushing the boy and then he also got on the merry go round and had our daughter push him around.

Sometimes I'm just so grateful for life's little pleasures!

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