Saturday, August 4, 2012

Back to School

  I'm rejoining the work force and I'm not quite sure how I feel about it.    My background is education but I haven't worked since June of 2011.  I was on Family Medical Leave until December due to my high risk pregnancy and then the birth of my son and recovery after the c-section.  When it was about November, I started panicking.  I couldn't imagine leaving my baby boy home all day with his father.  
Don't get me wrong, Hubs is a great dad, but at the time our son was colicky and the PTSD combined with the colic made it a horrible situation.   I ended up resigning in December and have been home ever since.

  One of the many stressors Hubs has is money.  Yeah, I know...who doesn't have that stressor?  But Hubs obsesses about it.  I think I've said before, even if we had a million dollars, I still think he'd be worried about us going broke.  He can't work right now, and I can.    I started thinking a few months ago about the possibility of me returning to work.  We are together 24-7 and there are days I just want to get away!  LOL, even without the PTSD issues, if you're stuck in a house with your spouse all the time, you're bound to go a little cuckoo.  

I applied to a few teaching positions but none of them were the right fit.  Either I didn't have quite the right credentials, or the job location was a bit of a drive.  I was really looking for a part time position, but the only one I found didn't call me.  Poo on them!  I started to give up on the idea of going back to work, but I would randomly apply if a position struck my fancy.  

One of those jobs was for a teacher's aide position in my daughter's school.  I applied on a whim and 3 (yes THREE) interviews later, I got it.  It's perfect really.  It pays exceptionally well for an aide position and its only 4 hours a day.  I'll be able to get our daughter up and on the bus in the morning, spend time with my son, and then go to work.  Then I'll be able to be home to get her off the bus too.  Plus, as an aide, there's really no stress.  Yes, i'll be working with students who I'm sure will be stressful at times, but as an aide, I don't have to stay late to do lesson plans, or run IEP's (blech), or do teacher nights or anything.  It's really a great position.

So why do I feel kind of sad?  I have loved being home.  I'll miss the freedom of being able to run out and do errands whenever I want during the school day.  But, i'll make a little money and have a break from home and Hubs and baby boy will have a chance to bond, which I'm thrilled about.  They already have bonded, but this will help Hubs step up I think.

So my summer is going to end in about a month.  EEEK!  Back to school, back to school!  Ive spent most of the summer just relaxing and chilling and now that it's going to end I have a need to pack as much as possible into these last few weeks!

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