Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pulling up carpet and D&B

  Yesterday was a successful day on all fronts.  Hubs was in a relatively upbeat mood so I suggested that we tackle the carpeting in our daughter's bedroom.  When we moved into our house a year ago, all the bedrooms had carpeting.  However, the closets in those bedrooms were hard wood.  After pulling up a little bit we realized that there were hardwood floors in all the bedrooms.  I love hard wood, but I've never had the "real deal".  We have Pergo in our kitchen and dining room and I like it, but it's not real wood.

Anywho, we talked about someday lifting up the carpets.  That fell to the wayside until a few days ago when our dog, yet AGAIN, decided that our daughter's room is her own personal toilet.  She doesn't have accident's much in the house, but one place she consistently does is in her bedroom.  And, it's almost always squishy poo when she does decide to go.  Fun fun, let me tell ya!  The last straw came earlier this week when I found another surprise from the dog in her room.  I tried to clean it up as best I could, but the carpet was stained and nothing I did was getting it up.   If I looked close enough, I could see stains from previous accidents.  It grossed me out, and I decided enough was enough!

Yesterday was the day.  It didn't really take that long, it was just tedious pulling up all the tack strips and the stupid staples all over the floor.  The wood floors were in decent shape, minus one dark spot where the dog's #2 must have leaked through the pad before I found it.  (EW!)  However, I think with a little hydrogen peroxide it'll come up.  I was proud of Hubs.  We didn't get in too bad of an argument about pulling up the carpet.  We disagreed on our method (he wanted to take all the carpet out at once, i wanted to do one side, get the tacks and staples up, sweep and vacuum and THEN go to the other side), but we got it done.  I really want to pull up the carpet in our bedroom and Junior's next, but that will wait a few weekends I think.

Anyway, after all that was done, Hubs was talking to my baby bro about what to do.  By the way, my little brother is home from Germany for another week where he is stationed in the military.  It's been great having him home!  Well, we decided to go to Dave and Buster's.  I had actually never been and neither had the Hubs, but both my little bro and little sis have gone before and liked it.  Since it was so last minute, we didn't have a babysitter so the munchkins came along.

  Dave and Buster's is AWESOME.  Why have I not been there before?  Dinner was great, the chicken club sandwich is GINORMOUS and the fries are yummy.  Our daughter ate so good she got to share a big piece of chocolate cake with Uncle B and since she's such a picky eater, that is a BIG DEAL!  

The only slightly crappy bit was that I was stuck with the stroller.  It was about 9pm by this time, and both my kids were up past their bedtimes.  Our daughter was in heaven playing the games, but our son was fussing and I could tell he was really tired, but it was so loud in there and there was so much going on that I knew he would never get to sleep.  I did get to play a few games while my sister pushed the stroller, but next time I'm leaving the kids behind!  Why didn't I have Hubs push the stroller?  Because he NEVER wants to go anywhere and I could tell he was actually having a good time, having fun, and enjoying himself with our family.  Since that so rarely happens, I didn't want to spoil it and have him push the stroller and not play.  I did tell him that next time we're leaving the kids behind and he's taking me there on a date night.  

I ended up taking the kids home at 10pm, which is when they kick the kids out and it becomes an adult only place, and my sister said she'd drop off the Hubs.  Imagine my surprise when he didn't come strolling in until almost 3am.  WHAT??  Lol, glad he had such a good time with MY brother and sister.  I told him I should have made him go home with the kids, but he'd had a few at D&B's and I hadn't so logical choice was that I drove home.  Oh well, great times yesterday.

Course, today Hubs is in depression mode.  Not sure why, but he's been downstairs awake just avoiding everything and it's almost 4pm.  Sigh......I guess just goes to show that I need to cherish and enjoy the good times because they often are fast and fleeting......

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