Wednesday, June 6, 2012

End of the year craziness

It's that time of year again....the end of the school year. When I taught, this year was chaotic and busy as I hurried to get report cards done, my office cleaned out, all my paperwork done and turned in, all while trying to carral the energy of students who were bursting at the seams to be done for the summer. Random's opposite seasons in southern hemisphere, right? So do schools down there get winter off? Or is their school district on a different schedule? Like I said....random. Anyway, I'm not teaching right now, as you know, and instead I'm a SAHM for now. I actually thought the end of the year madness would miss me. Yeah right! This week has been CRAZY busy. My kindergartner had a field trip Monday, yesterday the dog had her stitches out and it was voting day here in WI and so there was running around to do that, today is her Field Day at school, tomorrow she has Daisy Scouts after school, and Friday we have her Kindergarten graduation (*tear) and then early dismissal and out for summer. Yikes, no wonder I have a headache. But I'm so happy Im able to go to all of it. I'm enjoying bring at home, although its more stressful some days than my job was!!

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