Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"physically and financially fit"

Sometimes I really miss working outside the home.  I hated it when I was doing it.  I was always so sad when I had to miss my daughter's field trips, and I cried when I couldn't be there to take her to her first day of 4K because I was a teacher, and it was my first day too.   I used to complain about the amount of work I did (whatever you may think, teachers really do a LOT after hours), and to top it off, it was a stressful school in a stressful city with a very nice, but not very helpful principal.

After I found out I was pregnant with #2, we made plans.  I went on medical leave in September and had my angel in October.  My family medical leave got me through November and I had already told the district that I was taking the entire first semester off.  Well, shortly after I had him, I realized I could not and would not go back.  It was much too soon.  Hubs was, of course, freaking out about the money and he advised me to "stick it out the rest of the year" but he also told me he didn't want me to be miserable.  In the end, I turned in my resignation letter at the beginning of December.

It worked out really well because I was able to substitute teach a little bit here and there and in March I got the caregiver stipend which allowed me to not really need to work outside the home at all.  Life was great as it can be living with a dude who has severe post traumatic stress disorder.  I should have been really, really happy.

I missed it.

Damn, I missed going to work.  I'm not sure what it was:  the adult conversations, the students, the work?  I did like teaching.  Plus, I felt kind of....weird not working.  It's what you're supposed to do, right?  And since Hubs doesn't work now due to his disability, neither one of our kids have parents who work for a living.  I take that back....I work my ass off daily.  I make sure this house functions and I keep my husband sane, most of the time.  Plus I'm a damn good mom.

But I still missed it.

I was getting lost in the needs of everyone else.  I took care of my husband, the munchkin and now the baby.  It was all me, 99% of the time.  But I needed to do something for myself.

Facebook is a wonderful thing.  It helps you reconnect to people you havent seen in years.  I reconnected recently with a high school friend.  I kept noticing she was posting monthly invites to join a challenge group to get fit.  I put it off for a few months until she posted an invitation to view a webinar on her business.  it was a way to get "physically and financially fit".   I was intrigued and so I watched it.  I realized that this could be it.  I didn't have any grand ideas of becoming rich doing it, but I figured if i got a challenge pack AND became a rep, that would motivate me to stay with it.  So that's what I did.

I lost 3 pounds that first month and I also lost 2 inches off my middle.  More than that, I started focusing on what I was eating, and trying to make healthier choices.  I'm not saying I'm a health nut now, far from it.  But I'm making small changes and after the 30 days, I kept going.  I now have my own challenge group on FB and I have made some money doing it too.  The part I love the best is that I'm doing it for me and to help others too.

I am pushing it right now.  I don't know if I'll ever have the success my friend has with it, but it is something that motivates me, and it's something to do for me.  In a way, it's like therapy for me.  So, I'm getting not only physically and financially, but also mentally fit as well.

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