Monday, June 25, 2012

Homemade baby food

Lots of people make their own baby food.  I've never bothered because I assumed it would be too difficult, too time-consuming, and too expensive.  With Munchkin, all she ate was store-bought baby food.  Hey, I survived on Gerber, why not her?  This time around, with Junior, quite a few more of my friends are into the babyfood making.  It got me it really that easy?

Today I decided to give it a whirl.  I had a huge bag of frozen green beans that I decided to experiment with.  I didn't steam them, like some websites advised me to do.  Instead, I boiled them (also a popular method).  I don't have a steamer and boiling seemed just dandy to me.  I used not even half the bag of green beans (it was a large bag from Cosco).

I ended up blending them in my hand held chopper because Junior has some teeth and pureed doesn't seem to cut it with him.  It's definitely a little chunkier than I thought, but still smooth enough for him to get down without a problem.  In fact, I think he'll really like it.

I had forgotten to run out and get the storage cups they sell at Babies R US and we didn't have any ice cube trays either.  However, I had kept quite a few of the plastic gerber containers and I used those to store the green beans.  They worked great!!  I ended up filling up 5 of those containers.  At almost 2.00 a container in the store, I just made $10.00 worth of baby food out of not even half a bag of green beans.  Hey, I think this stuff does save money!

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