Saturday, December 22, 2012

This shit's for the cats

Holy crappage.

About a month ago we brought home our sweet little rescue kitty for the 2nd time.  We brought Whiskers home for the first time back in October but she very soon developed a upper respiratory infection.  The humane society told me it's easier to heal in a home setting, but since it's very contagious and we have another cat, we chose to send her back to the shelter to get better.  She was then put in foster care at an employee's home.  One month later, we got the call that she was all better and right after Thanksgiving, we brought her home to us.

Well, within days after we brought her home, she got the runs.  I figured it was just from new food and thought it would settle down.  It didn't.   Instead it got worse.  I took her in after a week or two and she was tested positive for Giardia.  Evidently, she can have this from the mom.  I was surprised that the humane society hadn't caught it, but looking back, I think she may have gotten it from foster care.  Although it was annoying, we got her on medicine and I thought that that would be that.  Not so fast.  A week later, I woke up and felt pee on my bed.  Then, after getting up and walking out to the kitchen, i stepped in cat shit.  Yuck.

My poor cat was literally leaking out her butt.  Disgusting, I know, and if you're drinking coffee or eating anything while reading this, I apologize.  I quick grabbed her and threw her in the bathroom with the kitten, who had been quarantined at that point.  A vet trip later, and she too is on medicine for Giardia.

I've literally been dealing with poop for over a month now.  The kitten finished her medicine yesterday and she still has loose bowels.  The older cat, I havent' seen a bowel movement from her in awhile.  Then, about a week ago, my toddler developed diarrhea.  I figured it was from teething.  However, it's lasted a freaking week.  THe last straw came this morning.  Our daughter had some GI issues in the toilet she took a shower.  She was getting dressed and it just whooshed out of her.  All over the floor.  Seriously?????

We took both kids to Urgent care and a 90 minute wait led to the diagnosis of......nothing.  We have to bring in stool samples and then they will tell us if they have Giardia.  Sooooo, if we get one turned in tomorrow we won't know til Monday if they have it.  Meanwhile, my husband is ready to shoot the cats because they have infested our home with the poop plague.  I have mixed feelings on this.  I don't want him to hurt the cats, obviously, but I'm about done with these felines.  It's like a never-ending cycle.

I'm so frustrated.  Why is it so hard for us to have something NORMAL?  Thousands of people adopt cats and then adopt a second cat with no issues!  I'm sure hundreds of people have cats that have a parasite and they don't infect their households.  DAMMIT!

We have established we are not a dog household.  Maybe we aren't a cat household either.

Fish anyone?   Pet rock???

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