Friday, December 28, 2012

#26 Acts

  Like many people across the United States, across the World, I am still reeling from the tragedy in Connecticut.  I,  unfortunately, have seen more than one mass shooting in my time.  The Columbine Shooting occurred in.....was it 1999?  That was the year after I graduated high school and that was horrific.  I also remember the VA Tech shooting.  I was really affected by the shooting in the movie theatre that happened in Colorado this past summer.  Each event hurt.  Human beings have the ability to be so, so cruel.

However, the Sandy Hook tragedy has hit me the hardest.  I think there's several reasons for this:  I work in an education setting so I can picture in my mind how horrible it was for the teachers and kids.  My own daughter is the same age as those sweet children.  It really, really bothers me.  There is so much hate and misery in the world, it's depressing to turn on the news.

A few days ago I was watching TV and trying to just veg on the couch.  I was too lazy to find the remote when Brian William's Rock Center came on.  I've never watched it, but for some reason I did that night.  I saw the piece on Ann Curry and the 26 Acts.  In case you missed it, Ann Curry tweeted shortly after the massacre a tweet about doing 26 Acts of Kindness.  One act for each person killed in the school.  I loved the idea.  Evidently it's spreading all around the country on Twitter.  If you look up #26Acts you'll see people tweeting about it.

I've decided to join in on it.  I want to bring some happiness to people.  If I can make 26 people smile, then that's awesome.  I'm also hoping that those 26 people continue to do random acts of kindness to others.  

Please please PLEASE, comment below if you want to join in on the 26 Acts train.  If we all do 26 Acts....think of all the people we can touch!


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