Friday, November 2, 2012

I voted early, now give me my sticker

I have never done an absentee ballet before for an election.  Call me a nerd, but I like going in on Election Day and casting my vote in person.  There's something about being around other like-minded individuals who, although they may be voting differently than me, are still exercising their right to vote. Well, if you're in the U.S you are painfully aware of how close this race is between Romney and Obama.  I say painfully because, if you're like me, you've gotten piles of campaign mail shoved in your mailbox, and are downright done with the ads on TV.  Anyway, the experts are saying it is a very close race and will be of historic nature.

Translation:  It will be hella busy come Tuesday at the polls.

I decided to go in early and vote absentee.  I had some second thoughts at one point and almost chickened out.  I remembered how in elections past, absentee ballets had gone missing.  Nothing would piss me off more than if I voted early and then they lost ballets.  But, I am a relatively trusting soul so and I really did not want to stand in line on Tuesday for any amount of time.

I gotta say, it was super easy.  I went to the City Hall a little after 9am this morning and there was no line.  They had 3 voting booths set up and there was a gentleman registering to vote, and about 3 other people in the process of voting but it was all very smooth and I only waited about 2 minutes.  The only real difference I noticed between voting early and on Election Day was that after I was done filling out my ballet, I had to put it in an envelope and seal it up.  Then, I gave it back to one of the workers.

I think early voting is going to be HUGE this election.  Today was the last day to do it, but I know of at least a handful of people who have done it that I know personally.  It certainly was nice not to have to wait around and it was also great to avoid lines.

I may vote early every year!

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