Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ignoring the nonsense

Sometimes it's really hard not to argue with your veteran.  When he belts out some stupid argument and acts like an ass, all you want to do is tell him to shut it.  Instead, you keep quiet, not wanting to start a yelling match.  You know that if you argue back or try and make valid points, he won't listen and will instead fire back with nasty remarks.    So instead, you sit and try and ignore the nonsense spewing from his mouth.

Sometimes this strategy works.  Other times, your silence is greeted with an increase in moronic comments from him.  He is trying to get you riled up.  For some reason, he wants to piss you off so much and the fact that you're calm makes him all the more agitated.

It takes all the resolve and willpower you can muster not to open your mouth and tell him EXACTLY how you think he is acting.  You want so badly to tell him that your 2 year old is behaving with more class and maturity than he is, but you don't.

Instead, you keep quiet.  In the end he storms out, cursing under his breath.  Cursing the fact that you didn't participate in the war of words.  Cursing the fact that deep down, he knows he is acting childish and immature.

You breathe a sigh of relief that he's out of the room.  And then you quietly mutter under your breathe the first word that comes to mind….


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