Thursday, January 9, 2014

Tomorrow's the Big Day!

Hubby has been 100% retired for years now.  However, he was not permanent and total.  After having talked to his doctors and therapists, he finally decided to try for it.  Fear was stopping him from applying for it before.  He was terrified that if he went to try and get permanent and total, that perhaps the reviewer would decide that he was better than he had been when first diagnosed and that his benefits would be reduced.  He can't work so the fear of losing what financial contribution he has terrified him.

How sad that he worries so much that by even showing a little improvement, he is worried that his benefits would be cut or reduced. 

It's like his therapist told him:   You will always have PTSD, there unfortunately is no cure.  That being said, you can make progress.  It doesn't mean you're cured.

Anyway, tomorrow is the big exam where he goes in and they review his information and ask him questions.  I'm going with him to help keep him calm and answer questions that he won't be able to articulate the answers to. 

Prayers appreciated for a good exam and good results and prayers that Hubs will get some sleep tonight because I know he'll be hyped up worrying about it!

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