Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wish I had gone into Photography!

Last Saturday I took the kids to get their photos taken at a local park.   The photographer is a friend of a friend and a Navy wife.  I went to a wedding over the summer and she was the photographer and since my little man turned one recently, I decided I REALLY needed to get some more pictures of him up on my walls.  When my daughter was born, I faithfully took her every three months to JC Penney to get her pictures taken.  This time around, I have been so lax about it.  He had pictures professionally taken when he was three months old and that's it.

Sooooo, Saturday was a big day.  Kellie took some WONDERFUL pictures.  I just got the email tonight that the proofs were ready and I've been browsing them.  They are SO GOOD!  I am having a hard time choosing exactly which pictures I want.  Having pictures professionally taken by a photographer (think NO chain stores like JCP or Sears) isn't exactly cheap.  Even with my military discount she gave me, it was a hefty price just for the session.  Now I have to pay more to get the proofs or pay $100 for a CD of the images and THEN pay more for the proofs I want from the CD.  It can very quickly add up.

It'd be easier if most of them sucked.  If there was only one or two good ones then i would know right away which ones to order.  However, she got quite a few great shots of my son, my daughter, and the two of them together.  I know I want a large print of the two of them together, and then several of my son, and one of my daughter by herself.  Then of course, the grandparents and aunts want pictures.  I'm like AHHHHHH!

I am kicking myself that I did not go into photography.  What a really great career to go into!  You get the privilege of taking pictures of people, of making memories for them of that instant in time.  There's creativity involved in getting the right shot, the editing process, yadda yadda.....Plus, there's versatility because you're your own boss.  You decide when you want to book a session with someone.

However, even as I think this....I'm not sure I'd want to go into it at this point in my life.  I'd have to get a really nice camera and take the classes.....While I like the idea, im just not sure I'd be good at it.  So, I guess I'll let the professionals do it and I'll stick with snapping shots on my Iphone or my Droid.

In the meantime.....How am I supposed to pick from all the gorgeous prints of my bambinos?????

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