Saturday, November 9, 2013


Like many veterans, my husband often speaks of how his fellow soldiers are his "brothers".  These men  went through hell together and have an inseparable bond.  No one gets it, like a fellow brother.

Imagine the hurt, the incredible sense of betrayal then that happens when one of those brothers turns on another.

It's no secret my husband has severe PTSD.  He is not always the nicest guy in the world, that's for sure.  However, he by no means deserved what he got about a month ago from a fellow soldier.....Not just any soldier, but one who my husband had always considered a close friend and confidant.  This fellow solider is still active duty and allegedly suffers from PTSD too.  In fact, he had talked to my husband about his struggles in the past.  This soldier is married to a foreigner and they have children together.  The wife of this soldier liked to put things on Facebook.  Comments that often spoke about how great her country was and often in a passive aggressive way, smacked on the U.S.

Now, this lady lives on US soil, her kids are half American and her husband is a United States Soldier. My husband and I chose to ignore her pictures she posted with shrewd comments and her rants on American healthcare and such.  I get it.....I get frustrated with my country too but excuse me....It's MY country and I can talk crap about it if I want to.  You, someone who won't give up their own citizenship to their country and is a foreign visitor simply CANNOT.

One day about a month ago, this wife posted some comment about the US and her country.  My husband finally had had enough and shot off a comment back.  His "brother" started giving my husband crap.  Her husband rightfully so defended his wife, which was fine.  However, he then started attacking my husband where it hurts.....with his PTSD.

This "brother" called my husband lazy and told him to get a job.  My husband was stunned.  I took the computer and wrote back that shame on him for saying that.....That he obviously does not understand PTSD if he thinks my husband is lazy.

"Maybe you have voices in your head too,then" was the reply.  I couldn't believe it.  I'm usually pretty calm, but I was about to go ape shit crazy on this guy.  How dare he be so rude and so clueless about PTSD when he himself has said he suffers from it.  My husband, in a rare moment of calmness, took the laptop and simply wrote, "we're done.  Thank you".

It tears me up.  My husband was simply defending his country against a person who was constantly smearing it.  The other soldier then hit way below the belt.  This other soldier is also studying to be a reverend.....or he was.....not sure if he still is.  I sure hope not.  The church does not need such a hypocritical ass leading congregations.

Perhaps this other soldier was simply putting on a show for his wife.  Maybe he was in denial and felt that by attacking my husband he was distancing himself from PTSD.  Whatever the reason, that soldier is now dead to my husband.  He will never forgive him for the words he said.  I don't blame him.

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