Sunday, October 27, 2013

Support the Vets

I was in the McDonalds drive through tonight, appeasing my need for their fountain pop.  Seriously, McDonalds has the BEST Coke.  While I was in line, I noticed a "Support The Troops" yellow ribbon on the back of the car in front of me.  It made me smile, as it always does when I see them.

Then I started thinking.  Where are the "Support The Veterans" ribbons?  Are their such ribbons?  A quick Google search and I found some!


Now, I have seen yellow ribbons a lot; on cars, houses, trucks, etc.  However, I do not remember the last time I saw a Support a Vet ribbon.  Yes, Veterans are Troops.....but people tend to forget about the struggles they go through after they leave the service.  I for one am going to go buy a blue ribbon and stick it on my car to proudly state that I support our troops.....Both while they are actively protecting our country and after......when support may be even more needed to deal with the wounds left from battle.

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