Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Keeping on, Keeping on

Life has been hectic.  Not bad, just hectic.

Seems like Autumn is always so busy.  It's such a short season and it really goes by way too quickly.  With munchkin back to school, my job starting back up, and my own college classes beginning it has been chaotic around here.  Now I understand why people always say to go to school before you have a family.  It's so much harder to go back after you have kids.  I'm pretty good at time management and getting my stuff done for classes.  It's just.....I still feel guilty having to study late at night or hurrying them off to bed so I can study.  I keep trying to remember that it's all for the better....That after I have my master's degree and I get a good job it will mean more income and opportunities for us as a family.  It's just hard right now.

Hubby is doing good with all the busy-ness. There have been learning curves along the way as we both try and navigate this new way of living.  He has had to do more on the home front in terms of getting supper ready, making sure homework is done, and tucking kids in for the night.  He's done it all very well.  Sure there have been a few blowups along the way as stress from both of us has mounted up. However, we've worked through it and I think that's the important part.

I'm not going to glaze over and say everything is hunky dory but we're still going, keeping on, keeping on.

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