Saturday, June 8, 2013

Still going and it's June

For whatever reason, the school district I work at and my kids attend is going one whole week longer than everyone else in the counties around us.

What. The. Hell.

I'm okay with the fact that by being in Wisconsin we go longer than other states.  I have friends in Colorado who were done with school 3 weeks ago.  The weather up here in the Upper Midwest sucks in the spring and this year has been especially wet and nasty, so it's not like I've missed out on a ton of beach days by working.  But knowing that we are one of the last schools to get out for summer.....torture.

It doesn't help that I have colleagues who happily changed their facebook statuses on Friday at 3:00 o'clock on the dot.  Statuses such as "School's out for the summer", "FREEDOM" and "Closed for business" filled up my newsfeed all afternoon.  One ex co-worker even commented to me how she would be thinking of me all this next week as she laid on the beach and sipped a beverage.  Darn her!  Meanwhile I will be stuck working the final week and I'm sure that this week is going to crawl by.

So for all you people whose kids have been out of school for weeks already, I hope you are enjoying yourselves and your kids because some of us are still working!

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