Sunday, May 26, 2013

Kids will do the darndest things

My son has some sort of fascination with deodorant.   He's not even two yet.

The other day I caught him rifling around in my purse that I had stupidly left on the floor in a prime location to be burglarized.  He tossed my wallet, and found my Secret.  Hey, a girl always needs to be prepared to layer on a little extra freshness, right?  Anyway, he grabbed the blue container, ripped the lid off and before I could blink, he had rubbed some all over his sweet little head.

I didn't have time right then to give him a bath, so my child ran around for two hours with a white head and smelling like springtime.

About 20 minutes ago my daughter came to me with my husband's deodorant.   "Throw it away", I told her.  I figured if it was just laying around, then it must be empty.  Well, instead of tossing it in the garbage, she decided to give it to her brother who immediately rolled some onto his head.


At least it isn't Desitin.   When I was little my mom found me in my room covered in it.  Small prayer of thanks that I didn't come across THAT!

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