Friday, January 4, 2013

Applying to Grad School

I'm having a bit of a Peter Pan dilemma.  I have really struggled with answering the question "What do I want to be when I grow up?"   It took me what feels like forever in college to choose education as a major.  After I got my degree, it did not take me long to think about returning to school to get an advanced degree.  However, life happened that changed my plans.  I got married, got pregnant pretty much right away, and then moved around with the Army.  I kept telling myself that once we were settled somewhere long term, then I would start school again.

Well, crud.  Here it is 8+ years later and I haven't as much taken ONE class.  Let's be real, going to school is really expensive and I didn't want to drop a load of money, or go into debt for a degree I wasn't 100% sure I wanted to get.  Plus, I have a lot of interests.  Trying to pin one interest down over the others was difficult.  However, I finally decided I'm not getting any younger and I know that I don't want to teach again.  With that, I have to return to school.

I applied to the University of Wisconsin and I'm anxiously awaiting my letters of recommendation to come in.  I'm a little concerned because I've been sending reminder emails and updates and so far none of my 4 people who agreed to write one have submitted a letter yet.  Urgh!  I will keep reminding.  They only have one more week to write it, so COME ON PEOPLE!

I have to admit that I'm really nervous.  I know I would be really really good at the program, but if I don't get into the program, well.....I've put all my eggs in one basket.  If I don't get in, then I'm going to reevaluate and go from there.

Cross your fingers, please that I get in!!!

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