Saturday, April 27, 2013

parenting is so hard

I love being a mother.  That being said, it's damn hard.  My oldest, in particular, is exceptionally difficult.  When she was born she had some health concerns and I remember praying when she was in the NICU that she would grow up to be strong.  Well, she is definitely strong-willed and bull headed that is for sure.

I feel guilty but sometimes she drives me crazy.  She has an issue of wetting her pants because she is too caught up in stuff to go.  Not cool.  We have been to urologists, psychologists, and psychiatrists and  nothing has worked.  FYI - she also has ADHD which is the reason for the psychiatrist.  However, nothing has helped.  she wets her pants or will drip and then she smells.  Oh God, the smell.   My husband and I are at our whits ends.  It usually ends up with us yelling at her, and that doesn't help anything.

In addition to the pants wetting, she is also extremely sassy.  It's like a 17 year old trapped in a child's body.  If this is what she is like now, God help me when she's a teenager.

I heard once that if kids are difficult as babies they will be easier as teenagers and vice versa.  I really hope that smoother sailing is ahead for us because right now I want to rip my hair out in frustration.

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